SERIES: Jesus Loves People
MESSAGE: Jesus Loves People, BUT...
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Romans 2:1-11

In this last message of our series Jesus Loves People, we want to bring equilibrium to the series itself. It’s true that God loves people. It’s equally true that He hates evil and the practice of it. Today we want to show how both the wrath of God and the love of God are integral parts of the nature of God Himself. This is crucial so that we don’t distort Him to the world and mislead people eternally. Let’s consider three requirements for representing the God who loves people.


Connect Group Recap

June 28, 2015

Teaching: "Jesus Loves People, BUT..."
Teacher: Skip Heitzig
Text: Romans 2:1-11

A New Look:
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Path: Teaching from Romans 2:1-11, Pastor Skip wrapped up the Jesus Loves People series with the message "Jesus Loves People, BUT...."

Pastor Skip's introduction included the following highlights:

Points: Pastor Skip unpacked many relevant points in Romans 2:

Practice: Part of Calvary Albuquerque's vision statement is that we connect up, connect in, and connect out. Discuss the following questions, looking for a practical response to what you've heard and learning to be a doer of the Word:


  1. Introduction
    1. If your love has no boundaries, it's dangerous
      1. True love requires love for the truth
      2. 1 Corinthians 13:6
      3. Truth always forms the boundaries for the expression of love
    2. Mark 10:21; 1 John 4:8
    3. Without balance, the love of God becomes a license to do anything
      1. Jesus came to bring change
      2. His love should lead a person to repentance
    4. "In the teachings of Jesus Christ, the element of judgment is always brought out—it is the sign of the love of God"—Oswald Chambers
    5. Balance out the love of God with the holiness and justice of God
    6. Jesus loves people with three qualifications found in Romans 2
  2. Be Balanced Theologically (vv. 1-11)
    1. Romans has been called the Magna Carta of the Christian faith
      1. In this passage, Paul balanced out God's love with God's wrath
      2. Paul began Romans with this balance: the good news and the bad news
      3. Until you understand the bad news, you'll never appreciate the good news
      4. Romans 1:16-18
    2. This country was founded on biblical truth
      1. But the truth is being suppressed by unrighteousness
      2. God is judging America
        1. One of the first marks of God judging a society is when He gives over that society to the immorality they're clamoring for
        2. Romans 1:24-27
    3. Romans 1: the entire world is guilty before God
      1. Romans 2: Paul turned to the religious, moral person
      2. If God's forbearance and love doesn't lead you to change, then a certain judgment will come
    4. God is love, but that's not all He is
      1. He is holy, just, and will judge unrepentant sin
      2. Psalm 7:11
      3. Because God is a just judge, He demands payment for sin
      4. In His love, He was compelled to pay the penalty Himself
      5. The cross is the demonstration of the perfect love of God in taking the penalty Himself
      6. There was no other way
      7. Matthew 26:39; Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42
      8. Without punishing sin, God would be unjust in forgiving sin
  3. Be Bold Spiritually (vv. 4b-11)
    1. Paul was bold; why?
      1. Romans 1:16
      2. You shouldn't be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
    2. Jesus was bold
      1. Luke 13:31-33</li>
      2. Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7
    3. The goal of this boldness is to lead a person to repentance
      1. Jesus loves you the way you are, but He loves you too much to leave you the way you are
      2. We are agents of God to help people come to repentance
    4. Matthew 5:13-16
      1. Christians are fundamentally different from non-Christians
        1. John 15:19
        2. The world is dark; we are to be its light
        3. The world is corrupt and decaying; we are to be salt
      2. Christians must permeate non-Christian society
        1. We are to be morally and spiritually distinct
        2. We are never to be socially segregated
        3. The church is not meant to be one giant "bless me" club
        4. A person wrapped up in himself makes a very small package
      3. Christians can influence a non-Christian culture
        1. William Wilberforce
        2. Lord Ashley Shaftesbury
        3. "We're not doing it because we want to fight. We're doing it because we love Jesus. We're compelled by love, and we're willing to be bold because of that love.... Jesus loves all people, but He does not love all ideas"—Jason Benham
  4. Be Bountiful Practically (v. 4a)
    1. Goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering: God's approach to a sinful world
    2. New Living Translation
    3. Goodness
      1. Most translate it more accurately as kindness
      2. His benevolence, tenderness
      3. Jesus Christ brought a whole new level of loving-kindness
      4. God has an innate goodwill toward sinners
      5. He withholds judgment until judgment can be withheld no longer
    4. When judgment comes, God takes no delight in it
      1. Ezekiel 18:32
      2. Jonah 4:11
      3. 2 Peter 3:9
      4. Matthew 23:37; Luke 13:34; 19:41
    5. Our tone should be one of loving-kindness, bountiful tenderness
      1. "A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar"—Benjamin Franklin
      2. We will attract more unbelievers with kindness than with correctness
      3. But you don't have to sacrifice one for the other
    6. Jesus loves people, but that love is meant to lead them to repentance
      1. If they refuse repentance, He will judge sin
      2. Our posture ought to be an open hand
      3. An open hand is better than a pointed finger
  5. Closing
    1. Romans 3:23
    2. None of us have the right to point fingers
    3. We have the privilege to open our hand

Figures referenced: Oswald Chambers, William Wilberforce, Lord Ashley Shaftesbury, Benham brothers, Jason Benham, Benjamin Franklin

Cross references: Psalm 7:11; Ezekiel 18:32; Jonah 4:11; Matthew 3:7; 5:13-16; 23:37; 26:39; Mark 10:21; 14:36; Luke 3:7; 13:31-34; 19:41; 22:42; John 15:19; Romans 1:16-18, 24-27; 2:1-11; 3:23; 1 Corinthians 13:6; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 John 4:8

Topic: Love

Keywords: love, truth, true, repentance, repent, judgment, sin, holiness, holy, wrath, judging, just, justice, boldness, bold, salt, light, the world, kindness

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