SERIES: Heart & Soul: A Study through Romans
MESSAGE: Don’t Look Back
SPEAKER: Nate Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Romans 6:1-7

Connect Recap Notes: September 8, 2019
Speaker: Skip Heitzig
Teaching: "Don't Look Back"
Text: Romans 6:1-7


Returning to a life of sin after becoming a Christian is like winning the lottery but choosing to continue to live in poverty. Pastor Nate Heitzig poses this question: Can one be a Christian and continually pursue a sinful lifestyle? In examining Romans 6:1-7, we find the biblical answer: No. Because of what God has done for the Christian, the Christian's rightful response to God should be to pursue a transformed lifestyle.

  1. Get Up (vv. 1-2)
  2. Go Forward (vv. 3-5)
  3. Never Go Back (vv. 6-7)

Get Up (vv. 1-2)Go Forward (vv. 3-5) Never Go Back (vv. 6-7)Practice

Connect Up: The Christian life can be summarized in three overarching acts of God:Throughout Romans, Paul shows how Christ procured our salvation (see Romans 8:27-32). Jesus calls us (see John 15:16), confirms us (see John 12:44-47), and conforms us (see John 13:15). Discuss the role of the Spirit in all areas: calling, confirming, and conforming. How are both Jesus and the Spirit involved in getting Christians up, moving forward, and never looking back?

Connect In: How can Pastor Nate's outline act as a guide for the local church? As an example, the church is to:What other parallels can you find?

Connect Out: How can Pastor Nate's points act as an outline for evangelism? Here are some thoughts to discuss:


  1. Get Up (vv. 1-2)

  2. Go Forward (vv. 3-5)

  3. Never Go Back (vv. 6-7)

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