SERIES: Night That Changed Everything, The
MESSAGE: A Night To Remember
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 13:1-5

We begin today a new series I am calling: The Night That Changed Everything! It is essentially a series of studies on the longest message Jesus ever gave—the Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17). It was a message given to His closest followers the night before He suffered and was crucified. In this series, we will learn the keys to discipleship—what it means to follow Jesus once we've come to Him. We begin by peering at a most unusual act—the washing of feet.


  1. It Was Framed by a Sense of Timing

    1. The Night

    2. The Occasion

    3. The Audience

    4. The Awareness

  2. It Was Focused on an Act of Serving

    1. Based on Authority

    2. Based on Destiny

    3. Based on Charity

  3. It Was Filled With Shades of Meaning

    1. The Significance Typically

    2.  The Significance Contrastingly

Pondering the Principles:
  1. Who do you know that could really use a servant this week- a person that you could be of assistance to by performing such an act of kindness in the name of Christ?

  2. What humble task around the home is especially difficult for you to do? Why? What does Jesus’ example here do to change your behavior?

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