SERIES: Night That Changed Everything, The
MESSAGE: How Can I Know God
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 14:7-11

What a thought—that a mere human being can know the transcendent, omnipotent Creator! The agnostic asserts this as being an impossible task. The atheist insists that the very idea of such a pursuit is arrogant and purely metaphysical. But that's one of the reasons Jesus came—to reveal God's character and nature—perfectly! In the upper room, on the last night that Jesus spent with His disciples, the subject of knowing God by knowing Jesus becomes pivotal.


  1. Roadblocks to Knowing God

    1. Inaccuracy on Comprehension (v. 7)

    2. Inaccessibility in Apprehension (v. 8)

  2.  Resources for Knowing God

    1. Believing in His Person (vv. 10 &  11)

    2. Being His Presence (v. 9)

    3. Listening to His Word (v. 10)

    4. Observing His Works (v. 11)

Pondering the Principles:

  1. What kind of "spiritual baggage" did you come to church with this morning? How do your background, experience and knowledge help or hinder your concept of God?

  2. How full is your spiritual tool chest? (i.e. Do you have a storehouse of spiritual knowledge to draw from that helps you forge direction for your life and make important choices?) See Matt. 13:52.

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