SERIES: Night That Changed Everything, The
MESSAGE: Privileges of God's Employees
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 14:12-14

Within every company there are benefits for its employees. These may include overtime pay, health insurance, and sick pay, among others. Paul wrote, "We then, as workers together with Him (NLT calls us "God's partners") also plead with you not to receive the grace of God in vain" (2 Corinthians 6:1). God has called each of us to a high and lofty taskā€”to be his representatives here on earth by spreading His message to as many as possible. What has He provided for us in terms of resources?


  1. The Privilege of Purpose (v. 12a)

  2. The Privilege of Proportion (v. 12b)

  3. The Privilege of Prayer (vv. 13-14)

Pondering the Principles:
  1. Identify some "great works" that have been done for God. Think of some that no one else has seen nor heard of. What great work are you involved in for God's kingdom?

  2. Is your prayer life balanced and full? Could it be that your involvement in doing a great work for God is tied to your lack of prayer? See James 4:2.

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