SERIES: Jesus Loves People
MESSAGE: Jesus Loves People
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Mark 10:21;Philippians 1:8-10

Welcome to our new weekend series, Jesus Loves People! For the next many weeks, we will observe how Jesus' love for people was displayed and conveyed to a cross section of society. We will see Him as He loves the most religiously devout folks to the weak and doubting, from the prostitutes to the priests, from the bewildered to the brokenhearted. We will marvel at His love for thieves, murderers, and atheists. In each message, we will consider how we as God's people can show authentic love to people within each group.


  1. Jesus Loves People (Mark 10:21)

  2. Jesus Loves People Individually

  3. Jesus Loves People Through Us

  4. Jesus Loves People Through Us Responsibly (Philippians 1:8-10)

Topic: Love

Keywords: love, Jesus Christ, Jesus' ministry, body of Christ, Christianity, knowledge, discernment Jesus Loves People

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