SERIES: Jesus Loves People
MESSAGE: Jesus Loves Atheists
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 18:28-38

Yes, Jesus loves people who don't believe in Him or who aren't sure what they think about Him. Pontius Pilate was the cynical Roman governor of the district of Judea. He was unsympathetic to religious Jews and religion itself. He had no room for the superstitious claims of prophets, priests, or would-be messiahs. He was a secular pragmatist concerned about Roman order and personal advancement. Pilate also represents how Jesus loved and handled atheists—and how we should.


  1. Be Confident (vv. 28-32)

  2. Be Engaging (vv. 33-35)

  3. Be Respectful (v. 36)

  4. Be Clear (v. 37)

  5. Be Ready (vv. 37b-38)

    1. For a Positive Response

    2. For a Negative Response

Topic: Atheism

Keywords: atheists, atheism, New Atheism, unbelief, unbelievers, belief, love, agnostic, witnessing, sharing faith, confidence, respect, arguments, truth

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