SERIES: Heart & Soul: A Study through Romans
MESSAGE: Unashamed!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Romans 1:16-17

Standing up for and speaking out about our faith in Jesus Christ can sometimes feel awkward and intimidating. Often our message is not received with glad faces or with open arms by the people we work with and live next to. As Paul was planning to visit Rome, he expressed eagerness rather than hesitation to herald this message. Why was that? The apostle gives us five reasons for his readiness and enthusiasm.


  1. Because It’s Good News

  2. Because It’s God’s Power

  3. Because It’s Given Freely

  4. Because It Gets Us Right

  5. Because It’s Greatly Simple

Topic: the gospel

Keywords: ashamed, believe, eternal, everyone, faith, gift, good news, power, received, righteousness, salvation, treasure

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