SERIES: Heart & Soul: A Study through Romans
MESSAGE: Is God Mad?
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Romans 1:18-32

The Wrath of God Is Revealed God is full of love, right? Right! That’s the good news. And Paul gets back to that theme and develops it fully in the chapters ahead. But first, there’s some bad news. Like a powerful prosecuting attorney, Paul made the case as to why we need the good news of Christ. God’s grace is necessary because of our guilt. In this section, we learn about the wrath of God—an attribute that many people can’t wrap their heads (and hearts) around.


  1. What Does It Regard?

  2. Why Is It Required?

    1. For Suppressing God’s Truth

    2. For Ignoring God’s Revelation

    3. For Perverting God’s Glory

  3. How Is It Revealed?

Topic: the wrath of God

Keywords: anger, artist, creation, design, glory, good news, grace, judgment, judicial, rage

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