SERIES: Heart & Soul: A Study through Romans
MESSAGE: Old Age; Young Faith
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig

Our skin may wrinkle but our faith never has to. Abraham’s faith was vibrant and youthful even when he was nearing one hundred years of age. As Paul points to the patriarch Abraham as an example for justification by faith, we can learn what it means to believe God through all the ages of life. How vibrant is your Christian faith? Have you let cynicism and doubt choke out your confidence in God?


  1. Abraham’s Faith Exhibited (vv. 1-15)

  2. Abraham’s Faith Explained (vv. 16-17)

  3. Abraham’s Faith Examined (vv. 18-25)

    1. He Believed God Can Do Anything (vv. 17-18)

    2. He Believed Circumstances Aren’t Everything (v. 19)

    3. He Believed Challenges Are Nothing (v. 20)

    4. He Believed Promises Mean Something (v. 21)

Topic: faith

Keywords: age, believe, challenges, circumstances, childlike, doubt, life, perspective, promise, regrets

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