SERIES: Homeland Security
MESSAGE: Stop the Dominoes!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Joshua 24:14-15

Joshua's last State-of-the-Union address to Israel was timely. As leader of that nation he knew his people, and he knew there were forces threatening their spiritual survival. He could already begin to see the "domino effect" of compromise happening in his own day. "Put away the gods your fathers served" (vs14), he admonished them. Then as a leader, both of the country and of his own home, he made his own resolve to serve God with his family. Let's consider what this same kind of steadfast determination could mean today for securing our families. Find out how you can help stop the Dominoes.

I. Joshua—Chairman of a Nation (Vss 1-13)

A. His Position
B. His Priorities

II. Joshua’s Challenge to the People (Vs 14-15a)

A. The Need to Choose
B. The Need to Separate

III. Joshua’s Choice About His Family (Vs 15b)

A. It Was Personal
B. It Was Communal

Security Questions:

Honestly evaluate your family situation: How satisfying is it? How tense do you feel when around certain individuals in it? Is it spiritual, healthy and vibrant?

2. Is the family even that big of a priority to you? How much time do you spend thinking about the relationships in it? What things have you done to improve those relationships?

3. Pray sincerely about: including struggling kids in your family's activities, being a big brother/big sister to mentor a child, adopting a child into your home.

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