SERIES: Homeland Security
MESSAGE: How to Prevent Soul Thieves!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Nehemiah 1-2

The Christian is not to be "conformed to this world, but transformed" (Romans 12:2). This value system that the Bible calls the "world" imposes itself on us twenty-four-seven. It beckons to us to lower our standards of righteousness and conform to its unrighteous standard. Just as enemies and thieves were threatening to invade Jerusalem during the days of Nehemiah, "soul thieves" are breaching the walls of our homes and eroding the souls of those inside. What can we do? Find out how to prevent Soul Thieves.

I. Ask the Right Questions (Nehemiah 1: 1-2)

A. His Concern

B. Their Condition

II. Have the Right Reaction (Nehemiah 1: 3-4)

A. Demonstrate Your Alarm

B. Determine Your Course

II. Take the Right Action

A. Spiritually (Nehemiah 1: 5-11)

B. Practically (Nehemiah 2: 1-6)

Security Questions:

1. How are the gates of your home? What things do you allow to be seen or heard by your family (TV, movies, videos, music)? What values have you communicated to the others in your home about what is acceptable and not acceptable?

2. How are you nurturing and strengthening your soul to withstand the attacks of soul thieves? What things can be done to ensure you're being transformed by Christ rather than being conformed to this world?

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