SERIES: Homeland Security
MESSAGE: Testimony of a First-Century Terrorist
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Acts 9:1-6

Historians still talk about the amazing transformation of Saul of Tarsus. He was once rabidly hostile to the early Christians, terrorizing them in Jerusalem and in attempting to do the same in Syria. Paul's life shouts to us that no one is too hard, too lost or too far-gone to be saved. If we could really believe that last sentence, it would change forever how we deal with people. Let's consider how God might use us to reach out to the Islamic world with the gospel.

I. An Impossible Case? (Vs 1-2)

A. Angry

B. Wealthy

C. Scholarly

D. Holy

II. An Incredible Conversion (Vss 3-16)

A. A Sudden Interruption (Vs 3)

B. A Searching Question (Vs 4)

C. A Simmering Conviction (Vss 5-6)

D. A Serious Mission (Vss 7-16)

Security Questions:

Why do you think you have considered certain people as "impossible cases" when it comes to salvation? Read Luke 1:37 and pray for them through the lens of that truth.

2. Pray this week for the Muslim World. And when you turn on the news and hear of uprisings in the Middle East or other parts of the world, learn to pray immediately that God would change hardened hearts towards His Son.

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