SERIES: 43 John - Believe:879 - 2009
MESSAGE: What God Really Wants
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 4:20-24

Worship conferences, worship seminars and worship experiences abound within the landscape of the American church, but in all these there's something that seems to be always lacking—worship is confined to the activity of singing songs. When the subject is brought up in this chapter, Jesus talks plainly and openly about true worship: what it is and what it isn't. Let's explore these few verses to discover what God is seeking after and how to be part of fulfilling that.


  1. Worship Can be Confusing

  2. Worship Can't be Confined
    1. To a Single Place

    2. To a Single Activity

  3. Worship Must be Candid

  4. Worship Must be Credible

  5. Worship Will be Consequential

Talk Over These Things:
  1. What two elements bring proper balance to worship? Describe the role of both of these in your own experience.

  2. Read Psalm 51:15-17. What are the things that God is after in our worship?

  3. How has your own personal spiritual upbringing (or non-spiritual upbringing) clouded your view of true, biblical worship?

Topic: Worship

Keywords: worship, spirit, truth, Samaritan

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