SERIES: 43 John - Believe:879 - 2009
MESSAGE: Scribbling on the Ground
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 8:1-11

Can you imagine what a surviving copy of Jesus' autograph would be worth today? Or what about a letter to His disciples? The fact is, there is no existing document or copy of anything Jesus ever wrote. We only have this story of Him scribbling something in transient dust on the Temple stones. Though John doesn't tell what Jesus wrote that day, his account does reveal a lot about Jesus Himself and how He interacted with three different kinds of folks.


  1. Jesus is Meek with People (7:53-8:2)

    1. Where He Stayed

    2. How He Taught

  2. Jesus is Masterful with Hypocrites (vv. 3-9)

    1. Their False Motives

    2. His Firm Dealing

      1. He Wrote on the Ground

      2. He Spoke to the Men

  3. Jesus is Merciful with Sinners (vv. 10-11)

    1. His Question

    2. His Command

Making it More Than a Sermon:

  1. Why do you think hypocrisy is so abhorrent to God? (See Matthew 15:7-8)

  2. What sorts of "stones" do you find it easiest to have and throw? What makes you qualified to either have them or hurl them?

Topic: Forgiveness

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