SERIES: 43 John - Believe:879 - 2009
MESSAGE: Life-Lessons from Grape-Growers - Part 1
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 15:1-7

My parents grew grapes on their little plot of land in Southern California. There weren't many, but enough for me to know that getting fruit at harvest depended on three things: the solid connection of branch to vine, the vigilant care of the workers, and the consistency of those things over time. Jesus, walking with the disciples toward the Garden of Gethsemane, gives life lessons to His men using the familiar example of growing grapes. With that analogy in mind, let's consider the three ways our relationship to God is described by Jesus.


  1. Connected to Christ

  2. Cared for by the Father

    1. By Tending

    2. By Pruning

  3. Consistent Over Time

Grape-Growing Evaluation:

  1. As a plant on God's farm, how would you evaluate your own growth? What would help you grow more?

  2. What is one thing that your parents had to prune back in you when you were a child? What do you see in your life now that needs pruning or trimming?

  3. What does “abiding in Christ” mean to you personally?

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