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Life Course: Introduction to Theology

Overseeing Pastor: Kerry Rose
Leader: Lance Berrenburg
Administrator: Trudy Waddleton
Contact Phone: 505.344-0880
Meeting Time: Thursdays at 6:30 pm when scheduled
Meeting Place: M1 & M2

Have you ever wondered, How can I learn the basic doctrines of the Christian faith? This class is designed to provide a basic understanding of the doctrines of the Christian faith.

Topics covered include:
• Prefatory remarks on theology (prolegomena)
• The study of the Bible (Bibliology)
• The study of God the Father (theology proper/Paterology)
• The study of the Trinity (Trinitarianism)
• The study of Jesus Christ, God the Son (Christology)
• The study of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology)
• The study of angels and demons (angelology)
• The study of man and sin (anthropology/hamartiology)
• The study of salvation (soteriology)
• The study of the church (ecclesiology)
• The study of last things (eschatology)

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