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she Ministries (Women's Ministry)

Overseeing Pastor: Neil Ortiz
Leader: Lenya Heitzig
Administrator: Zanetta Romero
Contact Phone: 505-344-0880

Knowing that women hold a unique place in God's plan and heart, she Ministries takes inspiration from the virtuous woman extolled in Proverbs 31:

She does...good and not evil all the days of her life (v. 12).
She...willingly works with her hands (v. 13).
She brings food from afar (v. 14).
She also rises while it is yet night (v. 15).
She girds herself with strength (v. 17).
She stretches out her hands (v. 19).
She extends her hands to the poor (v. 20).
She is not afraid (v. 21).
She opens her mouth with wisdom (v. 26).
She watches over the ways of her household (v. 27).


she Ministries features the Fresh Life Bible Study Series that help women grow closer to God. By examining various topics and books of the Bible, women will learn that the Word of God does the work of God in their lives. The Fresh Life Series is uncomplicated yet profound in its fresh approach to timeless truths. You will live abundantly through studying the Living Word and walk away feeling inspired and encouraged.


she Ministries encourages friendship and spiritual fellowship through attendance in small groups to discuss and pray about weekly lessons. These groups provide the opportunity to fulfill Scripture's admonitions to: "greet one another," "love one another," "be devoted to one another," "be kind to one another," "be hospitable to one another," "care for one another," "forgive one another," "comfort one another," "pray for one another," and "minister to one another." Here your life gains perspective and you get the chance to be a doer and not just a hearer of God's Word.


she Ministries hosts two annual events: our spring retreat and Christmas celebration. These off-campus, getaway events are designed to encourage women to invite friends, family members, and neighbors to join she Ministries. Special speakers, musicians, and activities make these special events enriching, encouraging, and evangelistic. You will leave wanting more and looking forward to next year. And your friends just may decide to attend our weekly study.

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