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Information Card

Missionary Care Teams

Overseeing Pastor: Cesar Loya
Administrator: Alicia Aragon
Contact Phone: 505.344.0880

Missionary Care Teams

A Care Team is a group of people from within the missionary’s own church family who are committed to demonstrating God’s love in practical ways to the missionary prior to, during, and upon return from the field. This team is based on the model found in Neal Pirolo’s Serving as Senders. The Care Team consists of:

A. Prayer Support: This is a person whom God has clearly called to be a prayer warrior. This person will not only labor in prayer for the missionary, but will also encourage others on the prayer team to pray; also forward prayer requests to the other team members.

B. Moral Support: This is a person with the gift of encouragement. When the missionary is struggling through times of trial, this is the kind of person who knows just what to say and how to say it.

C. Communication Support: This is the central contact person for the missionary, as well as for the rest of the Care Team. This person loves to communicate by letter, e-mail, telephone, or in other creative means, and informs the missionary of news from home, as well as receives news from the field.

D. Financial Support: This person is a gifted administrator and has knowledge of biblical stewardship. This person may help raise financial support before the missionary leaves for the field and help take care of the personal financial issues such as federal and state taxes, power of attorney, balancing accounts etc..

E. Logistical Support: This person also is a gifted administrator, and takes care of many of the details for the missionary such as collecting and mailing supplies,, arranging for storage of items, researching sources for supplies and the best mailing or shipping methods etc.

F. Re-Entry Support: This person helps prepare and take care of the missionary for the challenging transition back home, regardless if it is for a furlough or if they come home off the field permanently.

Please don’t let the notion of “gifting” inhibit you from becoming part of a Care Team! Ask the Holy Spirit to empower and gift you according to His will. If you are not already aware of your gift(s), simply begin to recognize your interest in and enjoyment of administration, encouraging others, praying for others, or giving of yourself and/or your substance, etc. Gifts are like muscles that need exercise to grow. It is “ok” to discover your gifts by doing and to grow in your gifting though practice.

To be part of a Care Team, we ask that you make a one-year commitment. This commitment involves the responsibilities outlined above, as well as participation in Care Team Training Seminars sponsored by Global Adventures. Periodic Care Team meetings are also scheduled. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this vital ministry that will help support your missionary out on the field!

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