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Information Card

Kathy Scott

Overseeing Pastor: Cesar Loya
Leader: Kathy Scott
Administrator: Alicia Aragon

Ministry Background:
Kathy has attended Calvary Albuquerque since 1984 and graduated from Calvary Albuquerque's School of Ministry in May 2008. Kathy is a physical therapist and participated in a Global Adventures short-term medical mission trip to Prishtina, Kosova, in October 2006. Following an additional short-term trip to Kosova in May 2007, Kathy became aware of the Lord's calling to serve in long-term mission work. From 2008 till 2012, Kathy served in two different location in Kosova. In the fall of 2012, God opened the door for her to join a Christian medical ministry located in Tirana, Albania. On October 1, 2012, Kathy joined the ABC Health Foundation in Tirana. The ABC Health Foundation mentors and disciples family practice interns and nurses; providing training opportunities for medical students throughout Albania and the Balkans.
Ministry Description:
Kathy treats children in the special needs community specifically Down syndrome children with other undiagnosed neurological disorders. Fifty percent of Kathy's patient population are children with special needs. Once a week, Kathy travels to a Sister’s of Charity orphanages to treat children and to teach other missionaries and other medical caregivers to practice developmental activities with the children. They learn to assist the children to develop skills like crawling, sitting unsupported, and walking. Even “normal” children living in an orphanage setting with excellent care—are delayed in their development.
Kathy completed her clinical doctorate in physical therapy in March 2013, while serving on the mission field. This additional degree has opened many ministry doors.
In January 2017, Kathy accepted a full-time PT intern, Entuela, who was part of the first PT study groups. In January 2018, Entuela was hired as a full-time PT staff at ABC Health Center. In January of 2019, Edisa was accepted as the second full-time PT intern at ABC, and is currently blossoming in her knowledge and patient care skills. In June, July 2018, the “Training Center” classes began, in a borrowed space of a church building. There were 30 students in these first 2 classes, who began thinking about function, posture, and learning basic palpation skills.
In November 2018, God provided a permanent location for the Training Center; very close to the University and ABC Health Center. This has allowed for more students being able to take the Basic class. Currently we have taught 4 classes at the new Training Center, with 2 additional classes starting in May. There is a team of four of us: Robert, a missionary fizio from Holland, Entuela, Edisa, Albanian Fiziotherapists, and me. Currently we have been teaching a “foundation” class, with basic hands-on physical therapy skills. Future classes will include practical anatomy, evaluation and treatment of specific body parts/diagnoses. Kathy is currently in the process of submitting documentation to the Albanian agency, to accredit all of our Training Center classes, for both licensed physical therapists and physical therapy students. There is much work to be done…
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