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Information Card

Servy and Maria Pardo Czech Republic

Overseeing Pastor: Cesar Loya
Leader: Servy Pardo
Administrator: Alicia Aragon
Contact Phone: 505-344-0880

Servy and Maria have served the Lord at Calvary Albuquerque for over 15 years. They’ve both been involved in various ministries, including worship teams, youth ministry, missions, and have worked in the bookstore, cafe and maintenance departments. Servy also served on Calvary Albuquerque’s assistant pastoral team. Maria served in SHE (women’s ministry) on the steering committee.
In 2009, Servy and Maria followed God’s call for them to move to Mongolia as missionaries (sent by Calvary Albuquerque). While there, they gained an intermediate level of the Mongolian language and became acquainted with the culture. After 18 months, they had to return to the US unexpectedly, due to medical reasons. Though many memories were built there for their family, they were not able to see the fruition of their goals come to pass.
In 2012, Servy was asked to join the pastoral staff as an intern and was licensed to the ministry a year later. Servy’s main focus was the missions department and Calvary Albuquerque’s long-term missionaries. It was during this time that he came across an online posting from another missions organization (TEAM) that relayed the need for a family to move Eastern Europe (Czech Republic) to assist with evangelizing Mongolian immigrants.
Servy and Maria were glad to be used of God at Calvary Albuquerque, but began to feel God’s “holy nudge” to go back out to the field. Servy and Maria were also pleased to receive the blessing of the pastoral team, including Pastor Skip.
Servy, Maria, and their three children, continue to pursue the call of God to work in Eastern Europe to assist a Mongolian Church through evangelism efforts and relationship building; and creatively engage other people groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Please pray for them without ceasing!

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