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Information Card

Jess & Beverly Rich Calvary Chapel Jinja

Overseeing Pastor: Servy Pardo
Leader: Jess and Beverly Rich

Team Background:

Jess (a California boy) and Beverly (a true Texas girl) met in 1988 and married in 1991. In 1996, Jess was given the opportunity to attend the School of Ministry at Calvary Albuquerque, and God moved some mountains to get him there. Jess and Bev saw things happen that seemed impossible, but through God's hand, every path was opened for Jess to attend school. On completion of the school, the students had to participate in a missions outreach. Jess and Bev were led by the Lord to Calvary Chapel in Jinja, Uganda. While there, both were given the opportunity to share the gospel of Christ in the local prisons. From the moment they walked in, their hearts were captured, and they felt completely at home. Again, through obvious acts of the Lord, they were able to leave their jobs and home and move to Uganda to serve. They arrived in February, 1998.

Ministry Description:

Jess, who served as the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Jinja, taught the School of Ministry ; trained several Ugandan pastors who started their own village Churches throughout Uganda. It was through his leadership that one of the largest ministries developed, the prison ministry. Most of the staff, both American and Ugandan, work in seven prisons, teaching the Word and helping with the inmates' physical needs such as food, clothing, medicine, and blankets. Our dear brother Jesse Rich went home to be with the Lord December 17, 2014, the loss for the family and friends is enormous, please keep this in your prayers. Jesse’s wishes was that his remains would stay in Uganda, more than a thousand people came for his memorial from all areas where he served.

In addition to Beverly’s daily responsibilities which include teaching at the women's ministries in the prisons, the villages, and the main Jinja church. In addition, she also trains and mentors the women on the Called Christians/Calvary Chapel staff and helps lead them to maturity in the Word so they can become women of God. Her leadership and continuing devotion to the Lord’s work and the people of Uganda during this time of transition shows their love for the people of Africa and their dedication to the work that Jesse and Bev invested their lives into.

The mission also has an orphan sponsorship program whose main goal is to take care of children by providing them with food, clothing, school fees, and other necessities throughout their schooling years. This continues until the child has graduated from a trade school or university, enabling the young man or woman to become a productive part of Ugandan society with the ability to support themselves. These children also serve in various ministries as they grow up, and our prayer is that they develop hearts dedicated to Christ.

Contact Information:

Email: calchrjja@yahoo.com
Blog site: ccjinjaJess.blogspot.com/
Address: PO Box 2244, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

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