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The Latest News at Calvary Albuquerque

Jul 25


This Weekend at Calvary

Life is full of peaks and valleys, calm streams and roaring rapids. At times, it feels like there's nowhere to go. Though you may not know what will follow, you can know whom to follow. Join us this weekend as we continue the series Playlist. In the message "Safe and Sound," Pastor Skip guides us through Psalm 23, pointing out that no matter what circumstances you face, when you follow God, you are safe and sound.

Jul 25


Special Discount for Shimmer

Shimmer: A Spirit-Filled Life, at Calvary Albuquerque, Friday-Saturday, August 1-2, is quickly approaching, and it's the perfect time for a special offer!

The goal of she Ministries is to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth, and one way we do that is on our Facebook page. Now, you can help us!

If we reach 1,000 followers by Monday, July 28, at 9:00 am, then the Shimmer registration cost will be available to everyone for only $30 for forty-eight hours, ending Wednesday, July 30, at 9:00 am.

It's easy! Like our Facebook page, and share it with your friends and family. This may be your last chance at a registration discount! Please note that the discount does not apply if you have previously purchased your ticket and refunds are not available.

Help us get 1,000 followers, and together we will learn about the mighty power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. For conference details, visit sheabq.org/shimmer.

Jul 24


Calvary Welcomes Aileen Coleman

We had the privilege of welcoming special guest Aileen Coleman to the Expound service on Wednesday, July 23. After a time of worship with Battle Drums, Pastor Skip sat down with Aileen Coleman for a special interview. Aileen talked about how the Lord sent her to the Middle East, where she co-founded a clinic in 1965 to help the Bedouin people. Since then, the clinic has treated thousands of nomads, offering them physical and spiritual healing. Aileen also talked about how she has specifically helped people with tuberculosis and other lung diseases and shared about how she has been used as a witness for Christ's love.

Jul 21


Daniel Fusco Teaches about Spiritual Transformation

At the weekend services, July 19-20, Pastor Daniel Fusco shared a message about how Jesus transforms believers. The Battle Drums Worship team opened the service and shared songs about God's unrelenting love and abundant grace, encouraging us to focus our hearts on the Lord. In a short video, Pastor Skip introduced our guest speaker, Pastor Daniel Fusco, who shared the message "Spiritual Transformation." As he taught from John 2:1-11, Daniel used the story of Jesus turning water into wine to explain how Jesus causes spiritual transformation in the lives of believers. He encouraged us to embrace the moments of life that seem boring, because that is where God meets us. He also shared that every need in our lives is an opportunity for God to do the profound. Daniel explained that when we are rooted in the cross and obedient to the Lord, He will make the ordinary extraordinary in our lives. He exhorted us not to let the transformation end there, saying that "transformed people transform people," creating waves that go viral.

Jul 21


Sign Up for Calvary's Volleyball Fellowship

Are you looking for a fun outdoor activity? Join the Volleyball Fellowship on Tuesday and Friday nights. Players of all skill levels are invited to attend at no cost. The fun league meets Tuesdays, starting August 5, at 5 pm; the two-on-two league meets Fridays, starting August 8, at 5 pm. Sign up at the front desk.

Jul 1


July Connection Resource

Daniel was not a man of this world. Those around him knew he would never compromise. His God was on the throne, and he lived like it. God used him to influence the government of his day, predict events far into the future, and fight against the flow of society. The Old Testament book of Daniel tells his story, and thousands of years later, he still stands as an example of radical, godly living. In this month's resource, join Pastor Skip Heitzig in the teaching series I Dare You as he explores the book of Daniel verse-by-verse and dares you to live solely for God. The entire series—a total of twenty-four messages—is preloaded on an MP3 player, which also comes with earbuds and a charger. Dare to be like Daniel, who lived radically in the light of the truth that God is and always will be on the throne.

Order this special July resource from The Connection for just $35. Place your order online or when you call 1.800.922.1888.

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