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Prayer Request:

"Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power, that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ."
— 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12(NKJV)

We consider it a tremendous blessing to be able to come alongside you through prayer. We know that life can bring times of difficulties; we want to be here to help you during those times. All prayer requests are added to Calvary's Prayer List so that they may be prayed for specifically by our staff, prayer ministry, and all those wishing to view the list and pray for those in the body.

Prayer Request Guidelines:

  • Please use first names only, identifying specific needs, in your prayer request. This allows the individuals praying for your request to pray specifically by name and needs of this person.
  • Please try to keep your request succinct, there is a limit of 250 characters for each request.
  • Your prayer request will be reviewed, possibly edited and approved by a moderator.
  • Your prayer request will exist in the database for EIGHT days after it is approved - our moderator approves requests on a daily basis Monday thru Friday.
  • Don't forget to share with the Prayer Team ¬†when and how your prayers are answered

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Financial Needs


  • Please pray for Daniel who is going through financial difficulties and feeling discouraged. Pray the Lord’s strength, peace, comfort and blessing are upon him. [Added Sunday, May 03, 2015]
  • Lord, I look for more opportunities to open up for me ...as I need finances. Tejal [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray I find a better home soon. I want to live near public transportation in San Francisco, California. Pray I find spiritual healing and spiritual growth to forgive all hurt done by my landlady. She inflicted me with a retaliatory eviction because of bed bugs. Francesco [Added Friday, May 01, 2015]
  • Please pray that the Lord would provide a way to have our roof fixed. We are currently getting water in the house. I love the gift of rain and at the same time wish it not to come in the house. Marie [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Thanks Lord for the opportunity to trust You more for work and money. Please ask the Lord of Hosts to answer us when we call. Thanks, Jeff [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • I am requesting prayer over selling my parents' home. We had an interested party who came and looked at the home this past weekend. He was seriously interested, but we have not heard from this party so far. I pray that it can sell soon! God Bless! Daniel [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Please pray for Stephanie's health and financial situation; for an end to her seizures and health issues; transportation to get to her new job; an apartment for her and Caden; and, the strength and faith to be a single Mom. [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pastor, please for my son, John's career. I trust and have full faith in my Lord Jesus. Thank you, Sandra [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ sends my brother to me to give me some money. Thank you, Chuck [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that the Lord will provide a financial miracle for my family. We need a new roof. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Tom and Sharon's home to sell in the next week. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • We are very poor people. I am not working. My husband is a B.P Patient and my mother is having leg and body pain. She can’t even walk properly. Our children's school payments and all responsibilities are upon us. Kindly pray for us. Lucy [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that the Lord will bless Eddie and me with full time positions. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Marie and her husband, John. They are having many financial problems. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Psalm 82:3-4 "Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked." [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I am having a meeting with my manager; and, I am wanting help in saying the right thing for a very positive outcome. In His name I humbly ask. Carol [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • We pray for a sustainable, positive career, or job, for my husband; work that will pay the bills and provide for our financial needs; for patience, opportunity, and assistance in finding and obtaining this job, or career. We lift up all worries. Vicki [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • P.U.S.H.(Pray Until Something Happens) for Dena's Chase Bank accounts. I ask for a miraculous financial blessing this very date, day, month, year of 2015. May I tithe His missions of greatest needs; and, be debt free two bcm. today. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I am requesting prayer over selling my parents' old home. We have a person interested in purchasing it. I'm over whelmed about selling it. I just pray we can receive a fair value on the home. We give thanks for the interested person. Amen! [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Lord, I need a financial blessing now. Please have mercy on me and grant me favor in this situation. Lord, I need you to intercede in some way to make this possible. Debt is not of you and I want to get out of all of mine. F [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • Please pray for my family. We are in a financial problems. Pray also for my second year with fourth semester board diploma exams. Pray that God would provide me a top ranking. Nikhil [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • I just came home and found my living room flooded! Parts of my ceiling are falling off! My insurance company will not pay for the damaged roof and I believe I am starting to smell mold. My home is falling apart all around me and I have no money to repair! Jessica [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]



  • (2 Chronicles 7:14 "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Jacob was honorably discharged from the military, but has had separation issues; his daughter was stillborn; and he is jobless. He is in jail for a drinking and domestic dispute. Pray for a deep change where the Lord will do great things in him and through him. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray for my son, Lorenzo. He recently commissioned into the United States Navy and is going to aviation school. He is having doubts about flying. Please pray God will give him guidance, courage, strength, understanding, wisdom aand that He puts him on the right path. Sally [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Now ISIS Islamic terrorists are calling for "city wolves" across the United States to act on their dedication to the Islamic State’s blood-drenched ideology and murder innocent American citizens at random. "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]



  • Pray for my friend who has had many difficulties with the multiple surgeries she’s recently had. Pray for healing and comfort. Thank you. [Added Sunday, May 03, 2015]
  • Pray for Mariiu's son Arthur along with David and Gea. They were in a car accident. Pray that they will heal completely and recover quickly from their injuries. May they and his mom continue to lean on Jehova-rapha and find peace therein. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Please pray for our sister in Christ, Bernadette. She is very ill in the Intensive Care Unit. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Psalms 6:2 "Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled." [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray for our sister in Christ, Loretta, who suffers greatly from cancer; for her doctors; her recovery; for continued faith, trust, and strength in Christ; and, for her loved ones to be saved, strengthened and compassionate. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Please pray for Bernadette. She is in the intensive care unit. [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Pray for Shannon who is undergoing a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery at 11:00 AM today. Pray for excellent surgery, fast recovery, her mental state, all future and financial needs and to be cancer free afterwards for the rest of her life! [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • My name is Koudeja. Pray to God with me for healing the mental illness I have. [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Hello. I would like to ask for prayers for my sweet mother, Mona, who suffered a brain aneurysm Sunday. She has a two week critical window to get through. Please keep her in your prayers so that the Lord will get her through everything smoothly. Thank you! [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Pray for Ruben who suffers severely from Parkinson's. Erlinda [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • I will be induced for labour on 30th of April. So, please pray that I will have a safe vaginal delivery and a healthy baby. Hilda [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • Please pray for my son, Garrett, who suffers from substance abuse and now a brain injury. Please pray for his recovery and to rid his cravings for drugs. Amen [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pray for a dear family friend who has colon cancer and not expected to live much longer. Pray for God's will for his life and peace for his wife and children and salvation for any unsaved family and friends through all of this. God is good! Deanna [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Please pray for Amy and her family. She had a seizure and was taken to the hospital a few days ago. Pray for peace and for wisdom for the doctors. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that the Lord will heal my daughter, Michelle. She has been battling an infection and we fear it may be cancer. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my health and finances. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I have pain in my left arm and numbness in my left thumb and finger. My Dad has high blood pressure and gout and his knees swell up. Please pray for us. Thank you, Chuck [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Susie who will receive cancer testing later this week. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my sister-in-law. She is having difficulty moving around due to back problems. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that Jesus will heal my foot. At times the pain can be unbearable. Cathy [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my daughter. She was recently diagnosed with grand mal seizures. Pray that God will bless her with the strength she needs. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for Eric, who is struggling with an addiction. Pray that God will give him the strength he needs to deal adequately with his desires. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Victoria. She is having a biopsy done soon and is anxious about the results. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my friend, Carmen, who just found out she has cancer. Pray for a miracle and that she will be healed fully. Diane [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Sam. His chemotherapy has caused severe skin problems. He is free of cancer (praise God!), but still suffers from the negative effects of radiation. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my daughter, Jolene, who has multiple injuries from a car accident. She suffered from severe brain trauma and now requires surgery. Pray for her complete healing. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for Donna who has cancer. They don't know where or what stage. She went from normal to a walker; and, needs support from family. She's doing it alone; and, the hospital staff seems to be neglecting her care. She is a believer in Jesus. Thank you. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Lisa. She's having surgery on May 4th. We're praying that it will be a simple procedure, but it has the potential to be quite serious. Thank you and God bless. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my BF mom, Sandra. She is currently having health issues and they are running more tests. Please pray for healing and strength. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for Julian who is suffering from severe depression. Pray he will come to have the joy of the Lord in his heart, and the Lord will send him godly companionship. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • Pray for a friend who has recently had three surgeries and needs another. Pray that this surgery will be successful and that she will need no more surgical interventions. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • Pray for Gabriel, a young boy who is having complications with is heart. Pray God would heal him of his condition so he will not have to have open heart surgery. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • Please pray for healing for Jacob and Andrew; peace for their families; and salvation for all. Thanks so much! [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • My son Julian is very, very depressed. He has just about given up on life. He thinks no one cares. He has no friends only myself. None of our family visits him. So, he thinks they want nothing to do with him. He has a lot of hurt in his heart. Thank you [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]



  • Please pray. These are frightening days for Israel. Yet, her people cling to the hope represented by friends like us who believe and act on God’s promise, “I will bless those who bless you [Israel]” (Genesis 12:3)! [Added Friday, May 01, 2015]
  • In an unprecedented move, the United States Department of National Intelligence has declared Iran and Hezbollah no longer present a terror threat to the region and to our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Now, more than ever, Israel and the Jewish people need our prayers. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]



  • My husband wants a divorce. I don't, please pray. Stephanie [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray that Anthony and Marie would have tender hearts to each other; and, that they would show the love of Christ to each other. They have been married a short time and have had several tragedies. [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • My husband, James, is considering divorce and leaving the household. There is a lack of forgiveness and a ton of pride between us, destroying our marriage. We need healing, forgiveness, oneness, and a softening of our hearts. [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • I ask for prayer and guidance from our Lord. The home we purchased keeps having more problems and expenses; and, do not know what to do. My spouse is so angry at both of us. I am so scared and upset. Please pray for God to help us. Amen. Ronnie [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • "Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods, So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with great delight, And his fruit was sweet to my taste." Song of Solomon 2:3 [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Praise the Lord! Pastor, I’m from India. I’m very sad and depressed that I’m not getting married. Wherever I’m applying for my marriage, people are rejecting my request. I don’t know whether Jesus is listening to me. Puneet [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pray for us and our marriage. M is stepping into the world and wants a divorce. P has come back to the Lord and wants to let the Him restore our marriage; but, she's fighting it and not trying to remeber our vows. Pray for God to bring her back to us. P [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • My husband filed for divorce and papers have been signed. I did not want a divorce. I am shattered. Please pray for me and the restoration of my marriage. C [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pray that the Lord will give me love for my husband. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]



  • Missionary church buildings communicate the glory of God to the people of South Asia in a way they need to see it. When people see Christ’s house of worship, they begin to respect Him, and the door swings open for them to seek Him. Pray for provision for these missionaries. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Nepal's earthquake has killed more than 1,000 people. Rescuers are searching through rubble for survivors. We have lost some of our church buildings and Bridge of Hope centers in the devastation. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for:
    1.Lorraine and Celestino at Faith, Hope and Love Kids Ranch in the Philippines
    2. Slavé and Lovorka in Croatia [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]

Persecuted Church


  • Pray for the release of Pastor Saeed and the other American hostages imprisoned in Iran. May the Holy Spirit convict and enlighten our leaders to do what is right spiritually and morally for our fellow country citizens and brothers in Christ Jesus. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]



  • Geri is always on the prayer sheet because
    God knows the answer, or will say who does, or what book does. Thank You, Jesus. Robert [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Prayer for the custody of my daughter; employment and health insurance; to restore my mind from demonic attacks; infamy; slander; lies of my family, enemies and friends; and that God will deliver me soon from any spells, or curses. Shelly [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • I ask that you pray for the Hooten family in their time of crisis and that they find strength in each other in their search for their father. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • I humbly ask for your intercession that my mother, Kuya's visas, and mine be approved through the Lord's guidance and wisdom. Please pray for the consul officers to be moved to approve our visas. Amen. Kate [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Please pray that the Lord to provide a nursing home for my elderly parent. Thank you. Peggy [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Geri and I are just leaving it in Your hands where You have the final say so. Thank You, Jesus Robert [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • Please pray that my mother and I will receive the visa's we need to stay in the states. Kate [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • Pray for God's favor on an adoption my daughter's family has been involved in for the past five years. Suddenly, there has been a change in the courts opinion though the biological mom remains unstable. Thank you [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • Pray for my child, Leah's mind and soul. She has bore witness to things between my husband and I that are less than loving. She has said to me that she has become used to our fights. She needs strength and comfort and know this is not the norm. [Added Wednesday, April 29, 2015]
  • A 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal on Saturday. It killed more than 4,200 people, and the death toll is expected to rise as officials dig through the rubble. More than 7,000 were injured. Tens of thousands are homeless. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my wife. She is so worried about her son who is making bad choices. Please pray that he will come back to church and start to put his faith in the Lord. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • "For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Corinthians 6:20 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • "I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see him with my own eyes..." Job 19:25-27 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray that Emilio will make good decisions. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that my son will not lose his job in Dallas, and for him to be able to keep his insurance. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for the Lord to equip my family to take care of my mother who is eighty-three years old. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that my son, John, will find some good Christian friends. He is recently divorced and is having a rough time. Pray that the Lord will surround him with people to lift him up. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things." Philippians 4:8 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law that God will bring them home safely. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Ephesians 6:17 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray that my students will be successful in their year end testing. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • "O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thought from afar." Psalm 139:1-2 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Kindly pray for my son, Joshua, who is having relief. His exam is over. Pray for his good health. He is very thin and not eating properly. Also, kindly pray for my husband’s job. He has desired a job promotion for many years. We are suffering financially. Pray for his spiritual life. Lucy [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I pray for wisdom and a sight of Christ from God. I request that my father, if God wants, to return home and that it'll be a building up process. I pray for my brothers that are Muslim who I'm not sure how to communicate about my love. Frederick [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I humbly ask you to pray for Kuya, my mother, and me so that our visas will be approved. Please pray that we will be guided by the Lord and that He may move the consul officers to approve our applications. Kate [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • I'd like to add the P.U.S.H. anagram (Pray Until Something Happens!) from an urgent prayer need I sent in before. Dena [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Ralph who will be having heart surgery Monday. Pray for his protection, health, and salvation. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • Pray Loretta will be set free of worldly influences and have a healthy fruitful relationship with her children. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • I'm at what I believe to be the end of a most special relationship I've ever known. I've tried my hardest and don't know what else I can do. Todd wants to leave and I can't stand in his way. Please pray we will have a return to love and harmony. Kara [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my family because my Uncle Max was brain dead. I heard that he actually died. Faith [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • Please pray for my exam result that are going to be know on 27th of April. Please my Lord give me good marks. They are very important in my life. Amen Charan [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]

Praise Reports


  • My ninety-four year old dad, G. Q, has received Christ Jesus as his Savior today! Bless the LORD, O my soul:....Peggy [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear." Proverbs 1:33 [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]

Prison Ministry


  • Pray for the salvation and deliverance from drugs for my son, Joel. He is now in Los Angeles County Jail because of his drugs. Please pray for his surrendered heart to Jesus and to give wisdom to the judge and that he will accomplish God's purpose. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray that God will fully prepare and equip me physically, mentally, and spiritually to graduate the twelve month TC Program. Then, I can live a blessed life without drugs and financial blessing as well. Thank You and God bless In Jesus' name. Mihail [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]

Renovate College Ministry


  • Proverbs 4:20-22 "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh." [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]



  • Pray for my ex-boyfriend, Bradley, who has hurt me so much; for conviction for his son to not find satisfaction in his sin; for godly influences in his life; and, for me to feel at peace with my decision to end it. Jennifer [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • 1 Peter 3:15 "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;" [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • We have a spiritual Camp on August 21 through the 23, 2015. The Camp is for people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. Pray that Jesus saves, heals, frees them, and that all will go well. Eoro [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • My sister, Vanessa, may be on drugs. Her children Andrew, Faith and Jazmin are suffering from all the bad decisions Vanessa is also having an affair. Andrew is depressed. Please pray that the Lord will open her eyes to protect her children. [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • Please pray for our son-in-law to draw closer to Christ; to desire to be in church; to spend quality time with his three, small children and wife; and, not be so consumed with his career, friends and cell phone! With God all things are possible! D [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pray for Alex, my boyfriend of two years, as he recently has lost his way and given into a sexual addiction with other people. Pray for him to find his way and for me to have the strength to forgive him. Thank you. [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Pray that my husband, Ken, will surrender his heart to the Lord so that we can save our marriage. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my son, Jacob, who is an addict. Pray that he will accept the love and forgiveness of Christ. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for the salvation of my three children. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Clark to accept, love, and live in the will of God. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Megan. She is twenty-one years old and just received a ticket for driving while intoxicated. Pray for her salvation. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for Victor and his family to re-surrender their lives to Jesus. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray the Lord would do a miraculous healing in the hearts of Judy and Julie. Pray they both come to the Lord and surrender whole heartedly. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]

Spiritual Walk


  • Please pray for A's new job whereby she'll find favor with the guests, her supervisors, the hosts she leads, proficiency with the computer program, and that she will shine God's light to unbelievers as well as believers for His glory. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Please pray for Serena, my eighteen year old niece, who is hooked on heroin and methadone. She was raised knowing the Lord, but has given up. [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Pray for a blesses financial miracle from the Trinity's divine intervention; and, for funds favoring my two Chase Bank accounts. Then, I can give my first fruits to His houses; and, make my own house debt(s) free. Dena [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]
  • "Divide your bread with the hungry, bring the homeless into the house, when you see the naked, cover him, and do not divert your eyes from your own flesh." Isaiah 58:7 [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Please pray that I continue to seek God first in everything that I do. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for Fernando to make the right choices and follow the word of God. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Pray for Anthony to be in tune with the Spirit and God's will. I strongly feel in prayer that he is a believer; but, now following the path God wants but his own. It's affecting our relationship and God's blessings for us. Thank you. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for my sister, Maggie, who is going through some tough trials with her daughter. Pray that she has the strength to be strong and not go into a deep depression. Pray that my niece comes home and makes peace with her mom. [Added Monday, April 27, 2015]
  • Please pray for the Lord to convict B.S. of the sin in his heart and life that he may come to repentance and a life fully surrendered to the Lord. Also pray the Lord would give him a new heart, place a new spirit within him, and give him a heart of flesh. [Added Sunday, April 26, 2015]
  • I don't have as much of a rebellious spirit as I did in weeks past, so that's a praise. But, I'm feeling broken and complacent in my walk. Pray for a renewed heart and trust in the Lord's plan; and, peace and rest to finish the semester strong. -T [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • Please pray that Caleb would be willing to join the teen and adult challenge ministry as a resident. Please pray that his family could know the right time to speak with him about this; and, that he would have a willing heart. Thank you. [Added Saturday, April 25, 2015]
  • Please pray for my wife, M. She is really struggling with the world, alcohol, our marriage, and most of all her walk with the Lord. She has stepped away from the Lord. Pray for her heart to be softened and return to the cross. Patrick [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • I've been told to slow down and be patient and not stalk. "Let patience have her perfect work."
    Help Geri with her kids. Thank You, Jesus, Robert [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]
  • Please pray. My neighbor is facing spiritual attack. [Added Tuesday, April 28, 2015]



  • Hebrews 13:7 "Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct." [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]
  • Acts 4:29-30 "Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, "by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus." [Added Saturday, May 02, 2015]

Vertical High School


  • Romans 12:5"... so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another." [Added Thursday, April 30, 2015]